Hiking Safely In Bear Country

hiking safely in bear country

Hiking safely in bear country can seem like a daunting task but with a little preparation and knowledge, it is possible. When planning your next trip into bear country, you should follow the following tips and information for an easy and safe trip into bear country.

The first step to take if you are planning on hiking into bear country is to make sure that you have the right equipment. You should not hike into bear country without the proper equipment or clothing. You should be comfortable as well as protected if you are going to venture into bear country. There are a number of different types of clothing that are designed for the wilderness and will keep you warm and dry.

You should also have some type of bear spray or bear bell in your backpack so that should an encounter happen, you will be able to call out and alert your group so they can safely hike away and notify the authorities. If you are going hiking during the night, you should always make sure that you have some form of light at night so that you can signal to people if you become lost. In addition, do not hike at night during inclement weather, since bears can become active in darkness and can make some dangerous nighttime excursions.

Bear bells and bear whistles should also be available to you should there be an encounter with a bear while you are out. While these may sound like a deterrent to bears, there are still instances when they make their way into your campsite and cause some problems. By making sure you have the proper supplies on hand, you will be prepared for any type of bear encounter.

Always consider the safety issues of all of your activities in bear country. Never go into the woods alone or in a group unless you are in a group with others of equal skill levels and knowledge of the area. Never leave children unsupervised in areas that you are not familiar with and never attempt to hike when you are ill or injured.

Bear country is not necessarily a place you want to go to, but with a little preparation and research, you should be able to find the best hiking trails in the country to get your hiking adventure off the ground and back to the great outdoors. Remember to keep the above tips in mind when you are planning your next trek into bear country.

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